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We are the only Certified Organic Breeder-Grower-Packer-Marketer of fresh fruit Kiwi Berries  Celebrating 26 Years!


Passion Poppers & Kandi Kiwi  have the highest brix (sugar level) of any kiwi fruit developed for human consumption.


Kiwi Berry Direct is our direct-to-consumer shipping service that will deliver Kiwi Berries to your doorstep!














Lancaster Farming's Alex Wenger wrote "Hardy Kiwis Taking Root as Keystone Fruit" that appeared in LF's publication Rural Ventures.  View Article


Univ. of Calif. Davis researchers found that Organic kiwi fruit is much healthier Learn more.  Visit our "Nutrition" page: they're not just delicious, they're good for you.


Jennifer Wakeman from Channel 8 CCN "In Our Neighborhood" paid us a visit.  Join us for a walk through the kiwi arbors. View video